Thoughts in a Nutshell #90

Mornings are beautiful. It’s the nights I fear the most. The darkness consumes me and makes me melancholy. Advertisements

Thoughts in a Nutshell #86

At the end of the day, infront of the mirror was the only time when she could be herself dropping the pretentious mask.

Once again

Once again she falls into a trap. Once again she is let down by the people she loves. Once again she is humiliated and rebuked. Once again she falls and slips into oblivion. Yet, once again she will stand with her held high. And, let the world know the powers that she hides.


Night gets darker with each passing hour. Your thoughts run wild, your actions and words become raw. All the fake masks of the day drops and the real vulnerable you comes out.


Hands so soft, Face so pretty. Smile so bright, shines even in the night.   Hands turn rough, Face loses its beauty. but the smile remains the same, shinning as bright as ever.