A letter to the tiny one!

Hey borl! I don’t really know if you are a girl or a boy so I will call you borl joining the two words. So, lately mom and dad are really happy because you are about to come in the world. I am also very happy but no one pays attention to me anymore. Everything…

Melancholic Silence

The clock ticking on the wall. The white sheets on the furniture rustling lightly with the wind. The bags zipped up and carelessly lying in the corner. The empty photo frames that once held smiling photographs staring blankly. Tears in eyes as the walls that heard so many talks bids farewell. Time to leave and…

Thoughts in a Nutshell #90

Mornings are beautiful. It’s the nights I fear the most. The darkness consumes me and makes me melancholy.

Thoughts in a Nutshell #86

At the end of the day, infront of the mirror was the only time when she could be herself dropping the pretentious mask.