Tell me your story!


I don’t want to know your favourite color or your favourite food. I don’t want you to tell me your best friend’s name or your plans for future.I don’t want to know the usual but something unusual.

I want to know who you really are, your favourite quotes from the novels you have read or the lyrics of the song that you can relate with. Tell me your notorious childhood tales or your glorious school days. I want to know about the day when you laughed so hard that your stomach hurt or the day you cried so much that your eyes stung. Tell me about the things that make you feel alive or the people you feel home with. I want to know about the things that you can do for hours without getting bored. Tell me about what gets you going every single day and what makes you earn the peaceful night sleep. I want to know about your most prized possession or your own lucky charm.

Don’t tell me what everybody knows, tell me something that nobody knows. There is so much underneath this facade that you hide from the world but please just for once let me dive underneath it and know the true you.



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