A novice writer’s rant

I often feel when I sit to write that everything I want to say has already been said before in a much better way  than I ever could. Every time I write something  I just use the same, old words again and again. Like I use beautiful even though I can use mesmerizing, I  use good even though I can use some other word which  will sound much better that it but unfortunately it is not there in my vocabulary. Every time I read someone else’s poems and write ups, I get envious and disheartened because I think I am not good enough and never will be. Every time I try to write something the words just become a huge mess in my head and I am not able to decipher from where to start and where to end. And, if by chance the stars on my side and I am able to write down a few decent lines, after sometime I realize that they just don’t make sense together(like this rant) and is something gibberish that no one will understand except a crazy person like me which is nearly impossible to find.

These are the dilemmas I face every single time but then I know that I have been gifted with an unique voice that nobody else has and I should use it to voice my thoughts and tell my story even if I am a terrible storyteller because somewhere there is a hope that someone will get inspired by my words and at the end that is all that matters.


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