Doodle your way out!


How many have you ever started drawing random things while your teacher was giving an important lecture but you were either too distracted or too bored to pay attention and thought that your pen/ pencil and paper was the most interesting thing at that particular moment?

It really didn’t matter at that time whether you could draw or not but you hands moved automatically on the paper scribbling some words or weird looking faces or objects. You were not afraid about anybody looking at those scribbling but would always feel proud about yourself at the end of it.

You would be glad to know that those scribbles were not stupid and actually have a specific name and are called “doodles”.

Doodling is the art of spontaneously drawing whatever comes to your mind. It might have gotten you a bad reputation in class as always being called distracted by your teachers but doodling can actually help in increasing creativity, concentration level, memory and helps in generating new ideas. Most importantly doodling is the best way to express yourself. And who knows if you keep doodling you might after some days turn into a great artist.

So, take a pencil/pen and a paper and draw your heart out on it and it doesn’t really matter whether you are good at sketching or not because trust me doodling is just about how messy you can be.


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